We Are Bossmen


We Are Bossmen




How We Got Started

As with all things waterfowl, our story starts with migration. The best stories always do.

In 2017, in Cash, Arkansas. On the heels of a dry-ground, snow goose crushfest, Michigan basement-ballistics prodigy Brandon Cerecke leaves a grip of 2 ¾” #5 handloads with the guides of Mat Schauer’s Northern Skies Outfitters. As the story goes, the shells were tossed into a blind bag and largely forgotten about. One year later, Brandon returns again and hands out yet another handful of hulls. Weeks later, Schauer’s guys eventually chamber a few of these loads and the performance they saw blew both of their minds. This stuff ain’t steel — it’s way better. Just like the bygone days of lead, they’re stoning birds at 50 and 60 yards. No cripples — and eventually, no more shells left.

When Brandon returned the following year, the boys at Northern Skies were salivating in the hopes he bring more with him— it was all anyone talked about during the entire off-season. Soon after on tailgates, in blinds and on barstools, the hushed word spreads like a brushfire among the nation’s notoriously secretive waterfowlers. Rumor had it, there was a devastating new non-toxic load and it was actually affordable — and yeah, you could actually get them … but you had to know somebody who knew somebody who knew Brandon. To say that the legend of the 2 ¾” Shorty #5’s copper-plated destruction happened organically would be a massive understatement. Flash forward to the spring of 2018, Brandon calls Schauer, asking if he knew someone that could help bring his shells to the mass-market. Enter goose wizard Cory Loeffler, who drops a name of a Minnesota-based photographer and brand master, Lee Kjos. Lee meets Brandon in May at the Kjos farm for a jam session and BOSS was officially off and running.

The phenomenon that became copper-plated BOSS can be traced back to partnership born of mutual respect and decades of waterfowling passion and experience. Over a bourbon-soaked 1 a.m.conversation, Kjos and Brandon find themselves aligning on everything from their love of lead’s performance to a disgust over what lead does to the environment. They both recognized the necessity of steel’s non-toxic properties, but hated the crippling that is so prevalent from their ineffectiveness. Above all, they both lived old-schooler values: Conservation. Real woodsmanship. Patterning shotguns. American manufacturing. Customer service. In this, the #unmuzzled brand and our direct-to-consumer business model was born. We fully credit the stoke coming from the #BOSSmen community for the continued groundswell. Your support, comments and suggestions helped build this movement as much as anyone — rest of the BOSS story is a narrative we’re writing together.



STAYS TIGHTER: As close as you can get to the smashing hammer of lead. BOSS copper-plated’s weight of 9.6 g/cc is a natural-born killer that maintains freakishly tight pattern density. Put it on paper and you’ll like what you see. With full and x-full chokes, it’s common to find 100% of your #5 shot inside a 30” circle at 30 yards. 80% at 40 yards. That’s insanity, and we’re all about it. Diabolical performance enhancements like copper-plated BOSS, let you confidently increase your effective range while putting more pellets on target. In the hands of a practiced shooter, we guarantee BOSS loads will significantly reduce the amount of crippling that’s become far-too-common in the age of steel.

DRILLS DEEEPER: Back-in-the-day, copper-plating a lead pellet sent the few copper-plated lead loads available into the realm of legendary. Problem is, nowadays companies avoid the plating process because it costs more in materials and labor. Not us, we go the extra mile for our #unmuzzled brethren. When we saw how much more sinister our loads became after copper plating the already-killer original BOSS, we decided to eat the cost of copper plating to bring you a superior shot that stays more uniform at speed. Copper plating also lessens the drag through flesh, drilling 15% deeper than unplated at 30 yards. At 40 yards, it penetrates an epic 40% deeper. Again: complete insanity.

MASSIVE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: The only way to bring a better shell to market is by changing the sales game. That’s the reason we’ll only sell direct. At a box store, big-brand ammunition markups commonly exceed 50%, and that cost is recouped in one of two ways: Either you pay a lot more or you get less shell for your dollar. Not an option with us. Given we eliminated the giant middleman markup by selling direct, we can put more value back into the actual product. Expect the American-made devastation of copper-plated BOSS. Premium powders and primers. Better wads and sweet sub-gauge options like 16, 28 and .410.. Above all, you get premium shells that perform better at price that’s hardly more than steel.


Mad scientists. Hopelessly obsessed waterfowlers with serious hunting addictions. Honest, pro 2A, red-blooded American’s who don’t hunt for likes and followers, we hunt because that’s all we’ve ever known.