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How We Got Started

How We Got Started

As With All Things Waterfowl, Our Story Starts With Migration. The Best Stories Always Do.

In 2017, in Cash, Arkansas. On the heels of a dry-ground, snow goose crushfest, Michigan basement-ballistics prodigy Brandon Cerecke leaves a grip of 2 ¾” #5 handloads with the guides of Mat Schauer’s Northern Skies Outfitters. As the story goes, the shells were tossed into a blind bag and largely forgotten about. One year later, Brandon returns again and hands out yet another handful of hulls. Weeks later, Schauer’s guys eventually chamber a few of these loads and the performance they saw blew both of their minds. This stuff ain’t steel — it's way better. Just like the bygone days of lead, they're stoning birds at 50 and 60 yards. No cripples — and eventually, no more shells left.

When Brandon returned the following year, the boys at Northern Skies were salivating in the hopes he bring more with him— it was all anyone talked about during the entire off-season. Soon after on tailgates, in blinds and on barstools, the hushed word spreads like a brushfire among the nation's notoriously secretive waterfowlers. Rumor had it, there was a devastating new non-toxic load and it was actually affordable — and yeah, you could actually get them … but you had to know somebody who knew somebody who knew Brandon. To say that the legend of the 2 ¾” Shorty #5’s copper-plated destruction happened organically would be a massive understatement. Flash forward to the spring of 2018, Brandon calls Schauer, asking if he knew someone that could help bring his shells to the mass-market. Enter goose wizard Cory Loeffler, who runs it by Zach Meyer and he drops a name of a Minnesota-based photographer and brand master, Lee Kjos. Lee meets Brandon in May at the Kjos farm for a jam session and BOSS was officially off and running.

The phenomenon that became copper-plated BOSS can be traced back to partnership born of mutual respect and decades of waterfowling passion and experience. Over a bourbon-soaked 1 a.m.conversation, Kjos and Brandon find themselves aligning on everything from their love of lead’s performance to a disgust over what lead does to the environment. They both recognized the necessity of steel’s non-toxic properties, but hated the crippling that is so prevalent from their ineffectiveness. Above all, they both lived old-schooler values: Conservation. Real woodsmanship. Patterning shotguns. American manufacturing. Customer service. In this, the #unmuzzled brand and our direct-to-consumer business model was born. We fully credit the stoke coming from the #BOSSmen community for the continued groundswell. Your support, comments and suggestions helped build this movement as much as anyone — rest of the BOSS story is a narrative we’re writing together.

The #Bossmen

Mad Scientists. Hopelessly Obsessed Waterfowlers With Serious Hunting Addictions. Honest, Pro 2a, Red-Blooded American’S Who Don’T Hunt For Likes And Followers, We Hunt Because That’S All We’Ve Ever Known.

Christian Dubois


Shooting a sub-gauge gun has been a game changer since I started shooting BOSS. When you buy from the BOSSmen, you’re supporting American made, down home, down to earth people, just like me and you. I’ve got to know Brandon and Kjos through this company, and their friendship goes way beyond the product. Their customer service can’t be beat, and their attention to detail is incredible. That’s why I shoot BOSS.

Chase White

I am one of the owners at Fowl Plains here in Central Kansas. We aim to provide a quality experience and exceptional hunting opportunities for our clients from all over the country. To help our clients be as successful as possible. We recommend the best shot shell on the market, BOSS. There is no better shot shell and no better company out there then BOSS Shotshells. We see substantially less cripples/winged birds with the BOSS shells then any other shell out there. If you want the hardest hitting most bad ass shell on the market, do yourself a favor and do what we do here at Fowl Plains. Shoot BOSS Shotshells.

Cody Crook

Why BOSS? Copper plated BOSS hits like a vintage 40’s Joe Louis uppercut. As Joe said “everyone’s got a plan until they’ve been hit”. There is a whole lot less cripple chasing going on when everyone’s shooting the BOSS, and that’s a fact! Brandon and the Crüe are passionate about this country and provide top of the line made in the USA products. These guys are the definition of patriotism and grit combined with a lifetime of knowledge about plating metals and every aspect of the shot shell. Keep your eye on BOSS because this is just the beginning.

T.J. Sirovatka

Why BOSS? That’s S.I.M.P.L.E... Shotshell Innovation Mastering Pattern Lethality Excellence!

Glen Alfieri

Being a fellow Michigan company with the highest product standards in the industry has been a perfect fit since the beginning. A great core of people behind the brand that are true innovators on all aspects of the spectrum. I feel truly lucky to be able to work with such great people that share the same ethics and morals about hunting and business

Seth Feider

I noticed the difference right away, especially in cold temps both with velocity and impact/penetration on late-season birds. WOW!

Jeff Foiles

The biggest game-changer in waterfowl hunting since the spinner. BOSS ammo is lead on steroids.

Dan Hruska

We demand reliability from the gear we take to the field. Day in and day out BOSS answers the call.

Dusty Brown

The effectiveness of copper-plated BOSS shotshells has not only brought back the lethality and pattern density of lead but has allowed me to enjoy the world of sub gauge shotgunning once again. Pick up a box of THE BOSS and give it a go and take a step back in time.

Mike Stelzner

We hunt some of the most Extreme Conditions for waterfowl and BOSS never fails to perform. Pair that with unmatched customer service and the choice is simple, BOSS Shotshells has a permanent spot in our blind bag.

Alex Langbell

We owe it to our future generations to conserve our precious feathered resources by limiting the loss of crippled birds that happen with poor shooting and inferior ammunition. BOSS Shotshells understands this and has created shotshells that lead the industry and the sport. I will always back a conservation-minded company whole heartedly. I’m proud to call myself a BOSSmen.

Aaron "A-Cart" Carter

Shells that are built for the Fowler looking for clean burning, consistent down range performance, with ground pounding knock down power and quality made right here in America to go along with a top notch customer service to help with any questions.

Don Collyer

BOSS is the most versatile round I have ever used. The payload delivered in a 2 3/4” round gets me by most of the year, with a great reduction in the amount of cripples to be chased down.

Walter "Wally" Schalau

BOSS has definitely got me into their sub gauge offerings, especially the 28 gauge loads. I have more quick efficient kills, with less recoil, and amazing pattern density.

Cody Elder

Hunting at home with my friends in Michigan, or guiding in Oklahoma at Goose Reapers, BOSS gets the job done. Pattern density is king, and BOSS delivers.

Jake Powell

BOSS Shotshells have been in my blind bag since their beginning, my very first box sealed the deal! Great American company, game changing product, and even better people! I'll never shoot steel again. My go-to's are the 12ga 2 3/4" #5" and 20ga 3" #5's.

Michael Clements

Superior down range effectiveness created by the determination to bring the absolute best product forward while utilizing American resources.

Ben Fournier

What I think is so badass about the BOSS is it’s manufactured in the USA by great Americans that you can put a face to. These dudes hunt. It’s the hardest hitting ammo on the market by far allowing me to take down anything with a 20 gauge clean and quick.

William Russell Owen

It’s refreshing to find a company these days with integrity, honor and best quality product for a fair price and BOSS is all of that. I love the authentic desire to educate hunters and make us all more responsible advocates of conservation. Of course having a solid load to push through the old guns again doesn’t suck either!

Jake Latendresse

For the first time in my life, my decision to choose a shotgun shell was based around conservation. When you look at the kill/cripple ratio at Prairie Rock, BOSS Shotshells has validated my decision over and over again.

Gator the Duck Dog

Come on now, shoot that BOSS you guys. I ain’t chasin’ no damn cripples now, you’ve seen my legs.

Alex "One Shot Lu" Brittingham

When your moniker's “One Shot Lu” y’all can’t be shootin’ steel.

Charlie "Barbi" Barberini

I shoot BOSS Shotshells because they hit harder then anything else I have shot! With boss you either kill the bird or you missed... no cripples!

Christian "Drip" Locke

Being cattlemen we know a little sumthin’ about a brand and who and what it stands for, the BOSS brand is one we stand with. They also just so happen to make the best damn shell on the market.

Cory "Goose Wizard" Loeffler

You won’t find another shell on the market that can match the performance of BOSS for less than 2X the price. Being a direct-to-consumer company I know my hard earned money goes into top quality product and nowhere else!

Ramsey "El' Jefe" Russell

Apples to apples comparison, copper plated boss outperformed lead while hunting in Argentina. I overheard the guys whispering among themselves about El jefe, the magic duck cartridge from America.

Jeff "The Mayor" Watt

Habitat and conservation are always at the top of “The Mayor’s” program. Whether it’s building habitat with various conservation partners or leaning on a tree in green timber, without those two we have nothing. That said, In all transparency I’m a hopeless romantic of vintage sub gauge American made shotguns. The 28 and .410 have once again become relevant as waterfowling guns and the copper-plated BOSS shell is leading the way. No cripples, no lost birds, that’s conservation.

Ira "The Innovator" Mccauley

Boss has all of the key elements I look for in great product. It’s a superior shot shell that hits hammer hard and a great value. The fact that they’re made by honest hard-working Americans who love our hunting heritage just like I do makes BOSS a no-brainer.