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The latest addition to our
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performing shotshells.

BOSS TOM strikes the perfect balance of pattern density,
down range performance and value.





  • With the tundra bound snow goose migration in full swing the BossMen once again are counting days instead of months before witnessing mother nature’s glory first hand. Daily word from our brothers and sisters to the south is that hunting is picking up and there’s more smiles than stares these days. We can’t possibly in one post describe the amount of respect we have for the magnificent white birds and the men (that includes the ladies) who hunt them. Therefore, tip your hat to them both and enjoy the season. 
  • 85 Years Ago yesterday a lot of waterfowl was raised.

The Federal Duck Stamp, formally known as the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp and widely seen as a collectable and a means to raise funds for wetland conservation, with 98% of the proceeds of each sale going to the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund. President Herbert Hoover signed the Migratory Bird Conservation Act in 1929 to authorize the acquisition and preservation of wetlands as waterfowl habitat. The law, however, did not give a permanent source of money to buy and keep the wetlands. On March 16, 1934, Congress passed, and President Roosevelt signed, the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act, popularly known as the Duck Stamp Act.

Just another example of how Waterfowlers and sportsman alike champion most conservation efforts. The problem is that we are losing hunters and along with it our chance for a larger voice. 
In the 1955-‘56 season 2,369,940 federal stamps were sold. That number today is roughly 1.5 million. 
Habitat, conservation and access to quality land for every day common walkin’-the-streets sportsman was the goal and still should be.

It’s worth the fight right!

Get involved, stay involved.

  • A couple posts back we spoke of “The Work” in waterfowling and how it’s really no work at all. In all fairness it’s nothing more or less than a labor of love. One of the real-felt benefits of being a waterfowler is nostalgia, it’s sentimental value, our attachment to those goods crafted in days back-and-when. Old waterfowling guns, dogs, accessories and vintage decoys come to mind. What other sport has a Waterfowlers history other than throwing spears at beasts? This begs the question, is it too early to touch up the ol’ rig and dream of what next year will bring? 
  • Farming & Ducks
We all know how critical the relationship is between farming and ducks, at the center of it all is The Farm Bill. 
In the current issue of Ducks Unlimited there’s a good read on the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and its benefits for wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Our life’s blood.
Seems as if we won this round. 
Get involved, stay involved. 
  • The Work. 
I’m not sure you can call any part of hunting work. In true BossMen-like spirit we question everything and in #unmuzzled fashion try to dispel false narratives and ignite conversation in the community. Like most of us there isn’t anything we don’t like about waterfowl and upland hunting. Pre-season prep, touching up the rig, tuning dogs and calls, scouting, shooting clays, asking for permission, setting the spread and pickin’ it up. All things we miss deeply in the off-season. Cleaning game for Jimmy Robinson’s sake can be the most enjoyable of it all. After all, look at the two clowns in the post. Work! This ain’t work man, this is love at first sight. 
  • A few of the BossMen were BS’in this morning about how much fun it is to be able to chat via IG/Facebook with our customers. Sort of like it used to be at the old hardware store when you actually talked to somebody who knew something and they appreciated the knowledge. The latest example of this came yesterday in the form of an unsolicited post from @millertime144 .The dude was absolutely stoked, more like on fire over the results he got on paper with his newly bought BOSS TOM. One look at that paper and you can only imagine, right? Look at the hits in the head and neck region for heaven’s sake. It’s silly. In fact, one of the older BossMen (who’s shot his fair share of longbeards) said back in the day the experts said if you had 5 or 6 in the vitals you were eating stuffed Tom for supper. Well, read em AND weep.


As of today, we’re beyond pumped to be shipping the new Boss Tom turkey loads, 3 full inches of American-made, gobbler-ending tungsten badassery. 
As always made right here in the USA and direct to the consumer. No self-serving middle-man markups just real value to you. 
BOSS Tom works out to roughly half the price of other primo loads. That’s a massive value, ‘cause with no big-box involved the savings go to you. 
12 ga. 3” 2 oz. #6.5 shot @1150 fps - $30 per box of 5
12 ga. 3” 1 3/4 oz. #6.5 shot @1150 fps - $25 per box of 5
20 ga, 3” 1 ½ oz. #6 shot @ 1150 fps - $25 per box of 5
Much more on TOM to come.

  • WHITEY MORGAN & the 78’s

Five of us Bossmen recently put on our going-out jeans, headed into Chicago and bellied up to the bar to get a little #unmuzzled before @whiteymorgan and the 78’s ripped our faces off with their brand of outlaw honky-tonk. 
We all were nearing ballistic levels when Whitey and Joey started to find it. Hell, these boys are all-Michigan and we’re Michigan proud. As one can imagine, when we all noticed the T-shirts these heavy hitters were sporting, the night just completely unraveled into all-out debauchery. Thanks for the times and the tunes, fellas. One hell of a night!

  • Just who are these BossMen?

The other day one of the faithful asked where’d the name Bossmen come from. Good question. Tougher to answer as being original and authentic never is the easy way but it’s the Made-In-U.S.A way and the only way we’ll have it.
So who are we? We’re blue-collared mad scientists, artists and hopelessly obsessed waterfowlers with serious turkey problems. Honest, pro 2A, red-blooded Americans who don’t hunt for likes and followers, we hunt because that’s all we’ve ever known. That’s the #unmuzzled Bossmen, in a nutshell. 
And thanks to folks like you our numbers are growing.