Purchase Steel Reserve 20 GA 3" 7/8 oz.

Steel Reserve 20 GA 3" 7/8 oz.

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Steel shot and it’s crippling effects have been the subject of many discussions in duck blinds, goose pits and every where waterfowler’s congregate since the lead ban in ‘91. What is seldom talked about is HOW steel can be deployed in the field and yield lethality that is on par with superior technologies like Boss Legacy or Warchief. The solution is simple. Keep your shots over the decoys and/or inside 30 yards. 1’s for geese. 3’s for ducks. Steel always has been and always will be range limited. Steel Reserve by Boss has been specifically engineered to suit not only the budget minded hunter but also those that seldom shoot beyond 30 yards. From the Arkansas timber hunter to the young hunter learning the ropes, Steel Reserve is an extremely lethal shotshell when used as designed. Here’s how it works:

7/8 oz. of Copper-Plated Steel Shot
  • Ground smooth for true flight with minimum drift.
  • Copper-plated to demonstrate uncompromising quality regardless of price.
Modified Warchief Wad
  • Biotec additive to aid in environmental breakdown of the plastic.
  • Double gas seal for efficient powder burn.
  • Cushion section to dampen recoil and stabilize shot during setback. Steel Reserve may very well be the smoothest shooting steel shell ever made.
  • Fast opening wad petals to separate shot from the wad for dense, uniform pellet distribution at 30 yards. 
    • Wad stripping chokes are not needed. We recommend a Factory Modified or similar constriction aftermarket choke.
1500 FPS Velocity
  • Our testing found that 1500 fps yielded the best patterns and most consistent velocities and pressures across our internal testing criteria of 0F-72F.

*Cases are bulk-packed, and include a Steel Reserve Moneybag*



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