12 GA 3” 2 oz. #6.5 1150fps (Out of Stock)



SKU: 12-3-2-65-1150-TOM

Product Description

Our 13g/cc Tungsten alloyed shot is proudly American Made and is buffered with ground walnut shells for insane pattern density. A full-length wad with superior gas sealing characteristics married to a very clean and slow burning powder builds velocity over a longer period of time, which yields softer shooting and increased pattern uniformity. BOSS TOM can be choked as tight or as open as the hunter deems necessary. The Bossmen have patterned 12 gauges from .640-.680 with great results. 

  • Shipping begins March 1.
  • 5 shotshells per box.


  • Weight: 12 oz
  • cost: $30/box

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