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Welcome to BOSSShotshells.com 2.0

Thanks for checking our new website, Bossmen. More stoked to have you here than a 6-month old Lab who's just ran off with that T-bone you bobbled at the grill.

You've likely noticed the décor around these parts looks a little different, eh? That's on each one of you, because your support has helped us come up so fast we literally outgrew our last web platform. Those are growing pains we're more than happy to endure and we thank you for 'em.

We'll be rolling out the new site in two phases so be sure to check back often. This, Phase I, is a site redesign meant to improve your user experience and allow us to rotate product in and out more efficiently. We also optimized our graphics a bit—little changes you probably won’t notice but make a huge difference in load times. Note: No more red loading bar before every page. Faster page speeds. Goodies like that.

Phase II gets a little deeper, and again, it’s all about improving your experience here. By fall, expect sinister new upgrades like better in-stock notifications. The ability to upload FOID and Permit-to-Purchase cards. You'll also be able to designate shipping to FFL dealers in backward states that require it (WTF?). That's all about helping us approve orders faster so you get your shells even quicker.

In short, think faster load times. Speed improvements. Quicker inventory updates and more efficient ways to get copper-plated heat into your blind bag.

Again, we couldn’t have done this without you. And we're more than happy to keep doing because of you.

-The BossMen

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