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Boss Shotshells Happenings and Life Purposes

Duck Season Somewhere

Brandon Cerecke breaks from his full-steam-ahead schedule managing waterfowl habitat and satisfying customer demands for the growing product-line of Boss copper-plated bismuth ammo. What's behind the global ammo shortage, how can you prepare, what's Boss Shotshells doing about it? After 3 decades of bigger-faster, steel shot-science hyper-marketing, why is Boss moving further in the opposite direction with their new "Stinger loads" - and why are the patterns even better? What's driving new fiber-wad shotshell production? Only 3 years after crashing meteorically onto the waterfowl hunting ammo scene, how has Boss business culture evolved? Why will the new Boss shop include a customer experience center? And how has an otherwise product-oriented business become truly personal, transforming Brandon's true life purpose? Like full-choked, copper-plated bismuth patterns swatting paddles-down honkers in the decoys, this Duck Season Somewhere episode absolutely crushes. Whether a long-time user or curiously interested in what the Boss Shotshell fuss is about, you'll enjoy listening!


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