20 GA 3” 1 1/2 oz. #7 15g/cc 1150fps (54 in Stock)



SKU: 20-GA-3-112-7-15-1150-TOM

Product Description


Copper-Plated. Tungsten. BOSS.


Offered in 15 g/cc 7’s and 18 g/cc 9’s Boss Tom moves at 1150 fps and is available in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauges.

Boss Tom shells have been obsessively engineered for optimal pattern density and uniformity.  The Bossmen prefer to shoot our Toms at distances measured in feet, not yards, but if you like to shoot ‘em at distance we’ve got you covered.

Each Boss Tom shell features an efficient full length wad that is hand assembled with a unique combination of fiber cushions that are placed below, above or in some loads on both sides of the payload to provide adequate cushion that not only reduces recoil but drastically improves patterns without the need for plastic buffers.

Boss Tom is a seasonally produced and limited run product so when they are gone….they are gone. 

  • 5 shotshells per box.



  • Weight: 10 oz
  • cost: $25/box

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